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What does THS do?

You need a treatment in Turkey but have no idea about anything in Turkey. In that case Turkish Health Service is the true place for you.

Just get in touch with us. We will find out and present all the clinic, treatment and doctor options for you. Beyond that our team will answer all of your questions either about your health travel or Turkey.

If you prefer, our team may also help your accomadation, travel and guidance through your health travel in Turkey. With Turkish Health Service you will never feel alone.

Where to Start?

Easy... You shoud start by writing to us. The most quick way of writing us is via chatbox on our website. During working hours (Monday to Friday from 08:00AM to 18:00PM) our team is always on computer to answer you.

First thing we do is to listen & understand what you really need. Then we suggest and inform you about the treatment opportunities in Turkey. After informing we also help you to get in touch with doctors or hospitals you may prefer. Then its your turn to give final decision. We will be ready to assist you at all through your health travel in Turkey

Do I Have to Pay For THS Services?

No. You do not pay for THS services either directly or indirectly. On the contrary THS aims to supply the most quality service for the most competitive prices either for the treatment you want to or the other needs such as accomadation & travel in your health travel. Furthermore, with agreements made with the service providers THS provides the same services with the most economical prices for you.

The income model of THS is based on its cooperation with health providers.