Organ Transplantation in Turkey

Organ transplantation in Turkey is equivalent to world standards. Also, Turkey's success rate of liver transplantation and kidney transplantation is over 90%. Liver transplantation and kidney transplantation are the most frequently performed organ transplants in Turkey. In addition, Turkey in the field of organ transplantation is located in the top 5 in the world. As well, many people prefer Turkey for organ transplant operations out of the world. Equally important, advanced hospitals and state-of-the-art medical devices used in these hospitals provide easy and successful operation for both the patient and the surgeon. Thanks to the surgeon who specializes in the field of organ transplantation, especially in the field of organ transplants performed from living, Turkey is considered one of the most successful countries.

Organ Transplant – High Success Rate

Organ transplantation is the replacement of the organ that is unable to perform its functions due to various reasons. In fact, each organ in the human body has a function. Furthermore, if the organ becomes inoperable and cannot perform its function within the body system, vital problems may occur. Therefore, organ transplantation is vital.

What is Organ Transplantation?

In the statement of delayed or ineffective treatment, the organs in the body may be damaged. Consequently, in the place of a damaged organ, doctors will take an organ from a cadaver or a living person who wants to donate. They remove the damaged and inactive organ from the body and replace it with a healthy organ. So, the patient will begin the healing process within a short period of time after organ transplantation.

We can perform organ transplantation for almost every organ in the body. Organ transplantation is vital. To perform organ transplantation doctors could take a part of the organ from a completely healthy organ donor volunteer or cadaver.

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How is Organ Transplantation Performed?

In order to perform organ transplantation, the organ which is seen as insufficient must be examined. If the organ has completely lost its function and does not respond to any medical treatment so that organ transplantation should be performed. Organ transplantation is performed with organs from people who have donated their organs. Each donated organ means life to survive. Furthermore, the organ donated by the organ donor is passed through various tests and the suitability of the patient is examined. Then the patient is operated and replaced with a new one.

After the Organ Transplantation

The first 10 days after organ transplantation should be resting at home. So, about 2-3 months after the transplant surgery, the patient can return to his daily life. And the healing process begins immediately after the operation. However, the medication recommended by the doctor must be used and regularly checked. But later after the transplant, you can apply your doctor's recommendations and adapt to daily life in a short time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who can have an organ transplant?

Organ transplantation is mandatory if the organ has lost all its function.

2) Who can donate an organ?

Anyone above the age of 18 can donate an organ. All persons who are dead or live in compliance with organ transplantation may have an organ donation.

3) Does the integrity of the body deteriorate when the person's organs are removed?

The organ required for organ transplantation takes place only under operating room conditions. The body will be restored after the operation.

4) Are transplant surgery operations dangerous?

Thanks to the technological devices used today, operations are carried out in the safest way.

5) Which organs can be transplanted?

Kidney, liver, heart, cornea, pancreas, lung, limb (arm and leg), tendon, upper respiratory tract, upper digestive tract, bone, bone marrow, face and scalp, small intestine, heart valve, and uterus transplantation can be performed.

6) When can you return to daily life after organ transplantation?

About 10 days after organ transplantation should be resting at home. Depending on the time determined by the doctor, you may need to rest for about 2 months.

7) Donated organs sold to someone else with money?

No, the organs of the organ donor are not sold with money in any way. The donated bodies are notified to the Regional Coordination Center and the National Coordination Center of the Ministry of Health.