Health Tourism in Turkey

Health and health tourism are the fastest growing sectors in the last 10 years for Turkey. It is among the top 10 countries in the world medical tourism with its continuously developing diagnosis and treatment methods, modern technological medical devices and specialist surgeons. Istanbul is also easily accessible from anywhere in the world. The people who come to Istanbul in order to make health tourism are also prefer Turkey for vacation before and after the operation.

Surgery / Hi – Tech Standards

Turkey has become one of the world leaders in health sector with the advanced medical services, surgeons who are specialized in their field and the latest technology used medical devices. High success rates in the surgery results has made Turkey one of the most preferred country in the area of health tourism.

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Operating Rooms and Surgical Intensive Care Units

Operating rooms has a structure which is continuously kept sterile and accommodates the latest technology medical devices. The operating rooms and surgical intensive care units are designed to be supported with laminar flow and scopy. Each hospital and clinic were checked by the Ministry of Health and approved to be suitable for the required operating conditions. Modern medical devices are used in operating rooms and diagnosis stages. Thanks to advanced medical techniques and medical devices, the duration of many surgeries is shortened. In addition, the post-operative recovery process is much faster.


Surgeons have been trained in their branches for many years and have developed themselves through continuous research. There are many professors and experts in the fields of organ transplantation, plastic surgery, dental health, oncology, orthopedics and gynecology. Most of the specialist surgeons are educated and able to serve in English as well. In this way, many foreigners can easily communicate with their surgeons during the treatment process.